ODSC East 2020

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Schedule Guide for Pass Holders

The Training & Bootcamp Days schedule lists training and bootcamp sessions for Monday Apr 13, Tuesday Apr 14 and Wednesday Apr 15. These training sessions are available to Gold (Wed Apr 15 only), Platinum (Tue Apr 15 and Wed Apr 16 only), VIP (Tue Apr 15 and Wed Apr 16 only), Bootcamp 3-day and Bootcamp 5-day pass holders.

The Talks, Workshops & Tutorials Days schedule lists the sessions for Thursday Apr 16 and Friday Apr 17. These sessions are available to Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP, Business 4-day and Bootcamp 5-day pass holders.

The Ai X is ODSC’s AI Innovation and Business summit and includes multiple tracks on Tuesday Apr 14 and Wednesday Apr 15. It is available to Business 2-day, Business 4-day, Platinum, VIP, Bootcamp 3-day and Bootcamp 5-day pass holders.

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*Speaker and speaker schedule times are subject to change. More sessions added weekly.

ODSC East 2020 | April 13th - April 17th

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Confirmed Sessions and Speakers

Please see details of confirmed sessions and speakers below. Confirmed session times will be updated in the coming weeks. Full lineup of speakers can be found here

Training, Workshop & Bootcamp Days
Wednesday, April 15th
Tuesday, April 14th
Monday, April 13th
Talks & Workshops Days
Thursday, April 16th
Friday, April 17th