Beyond Conventional AI – Proven in Space, Now Available on Earth
Beyond Conventional AI – Proven in Space, Now Available on Earth


This talk will highlight cognitive AI and how a team of data scientists from Beyond Limits is bringing this advanced technology used in NASA space missions to the most demanding industries on earth. What is Cognitive AI? This session will explain how cognitive AI differs from conventional, numeric AI approaches by incorporating human-like reasoning into the system’s recommendations. Discover how cognitive AI is designed to reduce uncertainty, increase transparency and deliver trusted, explainable results.


Dr. Giovanni Gentile is a Data Scientist at Beyond Limits, a full-stack artificial intelligence engineering company creating advanced software solutions that go beyond conventional AI. Prior to joining Beyond Limits, Giovanni was a member of the data science team at ZS Associates, a consulting and data analytics firm, where he helped develop advanced data science solutions for clients in the tech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. Giovanni’s background includes performing research on cognitive neuroscience, decision making, and behavioral economics at the California Institute of Technology.

Giovanni received his bachelor's and master's degrees in physical and biomedical engineering studying in Italy, Switzerland, and Sweden, prior to receiving a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.