Challenges of Digital Transformation and AI
Challenges of Digital Transformation and AI


In today’s digital world, customers expect businesses to understand their needs. While this may sometimes sound like an exercise in clairvoyance, the truth is that many customers are able to articulate these expectations.

By using AI and machine learning to gather and analyse behavioral, social and transactional data; it is possible for organizations to develop a far deeper, more personal understanding of their customer, thus addressing their unique needs in a personal and relevant way.

For many companies, their initial foray into AI involves strengthening data capabilities as a way to improve key performance indicators like purchase frequency, average order value and customer satisfaction. However, this piecemeal approach barely scratches the surface of the true value opportunity. To realize the full potential of this technology, companies must develop a holistic AI and data strategy that not only enables efficiency gains within each function, but also supports broader organizational goals.

This informative session will cover the challenges companies across industries are facing in driving AI-driven Digital Transformation and what successful organizations are doing to address those challenges in the real world. The challenges include the development of business cases, using data, scaling AI and ML, organizational structures to reduce friction, and re-orienting cultures.


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