Deepening Your Data Annotation Capabilities
Deepening Your Data Annotation Capabilities


Jai Natarajan of iMerit explores case studies that examine engineering and skilling pipelines, tackling subject matter expertise, edge-case management, and systematizing quality control.


Jai Natarajan is VP, Marketing and Strategic Business Development, at iMerit. iMerit has over 2500 data experts who label and enrich data at scale to help customers get better results from their algorithms. It does so while empowering women and youngsters in underprivileged communities to join the digital economy. iMerit works with leaders across sectors like Autonomous Vehicles, AgTech, Medical Imaging, e-Commerce and Financial Services, with diverse types of image, video and text data.
Jai’s background is in Computer Graphics and Education. Before joining iMerit, he founded Emmy- winning animation studio Xentrix, and has previously worked at Lucasfilm and Sony. He also serves on the board of Anudip Foundation, a livelihood development non-profit that trains thousands of marginalized youngsters in digital skills.