Modernizing Your Data Visualization Strategy
Modernizing Your Data Visualization Strategy


Data science is changing, and so is the way we visualize, present and interact with that data. Bridging the gap between the data science team and the rest of the organization is becoming increasingly important, and it’s time to bring data science out of the lab and into the business. For those who aren’t data scientists, it can be difficult to understand and analyze complex sets of data. Having a strategy and a platform that allows you to share data in a way that’s recognizable and visually appealing can allow easy analysis of data and enable efficient decision-making across all teams in the business. So, is your current strategy up with the times?

In this talk, Gary Young, Senior Vice President at Plotly Technologies, will discuss a number of elements to consider while forming your data science strategy and how to modernize it, including:
-Understanding the inefficiencies of current practices
-Customizing your data with feature-rich visualizations
-Creating beautiful, interactive web apps that are easily read
-Developing a deployment strategy
-The importance of the ability to deploy at scale
-Sharing and collaborating with your data in these web applications

Gary will exhibit live analytical web applications and use cases that are interactive, easily built, and deployable at any scale and will offer tips for how to implement your strategy across a number of industries. Attendees will learn how to successfully choose a BI tool that is right for them, and will be able to more confidently create a data visualization strategy that positively impacts their organization.


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